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EBICO Product Knowledge and Skills Training was Successfully Completed!

EBICO Product Knowledge and Skills Training was Successfully Completed!
Oct 19, 2021 Page Views: 9 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

While the hot day is finally gone and the cool of autumn has arrived, the passion for improvement is still intact. In order to continuously improve the business and professional skills of our staff, we regularly train them to provide a better service experience.


Burner knowledge training


In order to better implement the lean management, improve the business ability and expand the work ideas, EBICO recently organized a knowledge and skill training for the online sales and marketing department staff, combining theory and knowledge to make the training deeper.


Burner knowledge training


The training was rich in content and closely integrated with practice. Mr. Gao Feng, Vice General Manager of EBICO, Ms. Zhou Caiqin, Head of Nanjing Branch, Mr. Tang Yongjun, Technical Manager, members of the online sales group and members of the marketing department participated in the training.


Burner knowledge training


The first part of the training was conducted by Mr. Gao Feng, Vice General Manager of EBICO, who introduced the company's overview, product-related cases and product advantages, as well as technical solutions, selection schemes and sales techniques for the functional characteristics of sales promotion.


Burner knowledge training


During the whole learning process, everyone was disciplined, listened carefully, asked for advice, and showed a good spirit. The detailed and comprehensive analysis not only improved the cognitive ability of burner-related professional knowledge, but also broadened the idea of how to carry out business development, and everyone was inspired by a lot and learned new methods.


Burner knowledge training


The second session was a free question and answer discussion with Ms. Zhou Caiqin, the head of Nanjing branch. The scene was warm and unusual, everyone spoke freely, and each participant had a full discussion and analysis on the common problems and pain points found in the work.


Burner knowledge training


The third part of this training is the practical learning, where Mr. Tang Yongjun, the technical manager of the technical department, leads the trainers on field visits and provides technical guidance for specific cases.


Burner knowledge training


The systematic, regular and detailed training is for more ultimate customer experience and more professional business services. EBICO will strive for excellence and perfection, always ready to open up the road of high quality development!

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