EBICO Global
EBICO focus on the thermal energy industry and warm the world.

EBICO Global

EBICO (CHINA) ENVIRONMENT CO., LTD (EBICO), The Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Wuxi, China, specializes in large-scale industrial burners, standard and non-standard high-precision burners, software control systems, fuel supply systems, air supply systems, complete sets of automation, EPC system turnkey, product development and manufacturing, as well as the design of complete sets of systems and equipment, EBICO is a green technology company integrating brand, technology and service.
EBICO and the international Novar Bergamo and Vizcaya team work hand in hand to optimize the fusion of Europe's cutting-edge low-carbon and low-NOx combustion technologies to form EBICO's top technology strategy system. The company has strategic partners or factories in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, China, the products have been involved in Europe, Asia, Africa and other continents, covering heating, petrochemicals, electricity, highway engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, education, hotels and many other industries, and with many of the top 500 companies for long-term cooperation.
EBICO always focuses on product quality, environmental impact and social responsibility, and has obtained relevant qualifications and certificates from the EU, ASEAN, China, Russia and other countries, which is recognized by the industry as well as the society. EBICO's service scope radiates globally, with branches in many countries around the world, and has set up outlets in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and its medium and large-sized equipment has occupied a leading position in the Chinese market for many years.
What EBICO does?
EBICO focus on the thermal energy industry and warm the world. Our research focuses on standard burners, non-standard burners, environmentally-friendly and high-precision burners. Our strength is to optimize and integrate the combustion technology resources of the European frontier to form a unique and cutting-edge strategic system of EBICO.
Technology Starts the Future
EBICO Burner are designed and developed by highly specialized teams in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and China. Unique customized products and standard products fully meet the needs of all customers. These unique customized products represent the real value of EBICO Burner.
Why EBICO is spread all over the world.
Wide Applicability
EBICO Burner power ranges from 85kw to 86000kw.
Natural gas, liquefied gas, gas, coal, light oil, heavy oil, residue, mixed oil, methane, coke oven gas and other conventional and special fuels.
Advanced Core Technology
Adopting dual-core control, modular design, intelligent cloud, ultra-low nitrogen and other advanced technologies.
Safety, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence.
More Choice
The advanced and unique design concept has won many markets for EBICO Burner. EBICO's sales and service network can radiate globally thanks to our quality guarantee. EBICO Burner provides the most reliable products and services to customers around the world, while providing you with safe, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and intelligent equipment.
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Focus on burners and equipment to lead the global thermal industry.
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