Solutions for Heating Industry
The heating industry shoulders the important mission of transforming the development mode, accelerating technological innovation, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. The burner products produced by EBICO are very suitable for the transformation needs of traditional heating companies.
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Solutions for Heating Industry

Industry Background

Countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany are countries with rapid development of central heating. They are among the world's leading in terms of equipment, technology, and management. Among them, Japan, Denmark, and Norway will use natural gas, oil, garbage, bio-energy and heat pump as the main heat source for central heating, which has brought about obvious social benefits, energy-saving benefits and economic benefits.


In the energy field, for both developed and developing countries, the development direction of energy systems is to effectively meet energy demand under the premise of reducing total energy consumption. At present, heating companies mainly face three pressures. The first is cost pressure, including environmental governance cost pressure, fuel price cost pressure, labor price cost pressure. The second is social pressure: the increase in consumption demand, the increasingly intensive competition and the crunch in government finance. And the last one is self-pressure, including old management concepts, backward techniques and equipment and comparatively low comprehensive quality. All these pressures have made the significant changes for heating industry necessary.



Introduction of Scheme


The heating industry shoulders the important mission of transforming the development mode, optimizing the heating structure, accelerating technological innovation, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, comprehensively improving the heating support capacity and heating operation efficiency. The key of domestic development of heating industry has been a safe, clean and economical heating system. The burner products produced by EBICO meet the transformation needs of traditional heating companies so much.


EBICO has gained a deep understanding of the heating industry with its cooperation experience with many relevant enterprises such as Xianyang Fenghe Thermal Power and Zhengzhou Thermal Power. For most related companies, cost pressure is an important factor in squeezing corporate profit margins. It is a feasible solution to improve fuel combustion efficiency through the upgrading of burners.


Statistical analysis of consumer cases could easily show that burners within EBICO.GR series are widely used. For example, EBICO has recommended the EC..GR type burners for a thermal power enterprise in the northwest region of China.



1. Noise reduction by 30%

EBICO patented technology of ultra-fine air/gas distribution and central premixing/supermixing makes NOX lower than European Level 3 Standard, and wide frequency control technology reduces noise by about 30%.


2.Furnace has wide applicability

The flame shape can be adjusted freely and has strong adaptability to different furnaces.


3.Air drag reduced, and starting power consumption decreased by about 70%

Downstream air box design greatly reduces air drag, and abstract analog frequency system could decrease staring power consumption by at most 70%.



Our Solution Advantages
Industry-wide applications
Industry-wide applications
Our research focuses on large industrial burners, non-standard burners, high-precision burners and intelligent control systems. EBICO Burner respond to the harsh conditions of all heating industries.
Specialized scheme
Specialized scheme
We have experience in the design, development, market service and resource optimization of fuel supply systems, automation systems for large burners. After nearly 10,000 real case tests worldwide.
Personalized customization
Personalized customization
Your needs, our solutions. The advanced and unique design concept has won many markets for EBICO Burner. Unique customized products and standard products fully meet the needs of all customers.
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