Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry
The emergence of traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine research, biopharmaceutical technology and other industry trends have pointed out the direction for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The extreme temperature and pressure working environment test the comprehensive performance of the burner.
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Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Industry Background

The modern pharmaceutical industry in the world started in the international economic recovery period after the Second World War. The enormous social and economic benefits of pharmaceuticals spurred the pharmaceutical industry to flourish at a relatively high rate from the 1950s to the 1970s, and new drugs in various therapeutic fields were invented.


After entering the 1990s, 1991-1995 was the low tide of world economic development. The recession has spread to almost all industrialized countries in the world, and the economies of the old industrialized countries, the United States and the United Kingdom, have even experienced negative growth. Although the pharmaceutical economy has also been affected by the recession, the growth rate has slowed down, it still maintains a good level. In the 1970s, the world pharmaceutical economy increased by 13.8% annually. In the 1980s, the average annual increase was 13.5%. Although the average annual growth rate dropped to 9.5% in the 1990s, the global pharmaceutical output value increased by 11.6% in 1995. And it is expected to develop constantly and stably at an average annual rate of 7%.The total sales of the world pharmaceutical market was $301 billion in 1998 and is expected to reach $680 billion in 2010.


For the promising pharmaceutical market, developed countries have increased their investment in pharmaceutical R&D and formulated corresponding countermeasures to meet the increasingly fierce competition in the international pharmaceutical market. At present, the United States, the European Union and Japan are the three key players in the world pharmaceutical market and in the scientific and technological competition of the pharmaceutical industry.


However, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry cannot cover up the problems exposed by it. For example, the enterprise-centered technology innovation system has not yet formed, and the pharmaceutical circulation system is still not sound, which is hindering the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry. On this basis, the emergence of traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine research, biopharmaceutical technology and other industry trends have pointed out the direction for the development of the industry. As is known to all, there are so many environmental requirements for traditional Chinese medicine research, biopharmaceuticals and others. It should be ensured that the comprehensive performance of burners should stand the working environment of extreme temperature and pressure.



Introduction of Scheme

The main categories of China's pharmaceutical industry include: chemical raw materials and preparations, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese patent medicines, antibiotics, biological products, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, medical equipment, sanitary materials, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical business. In the biopharmaceutical industry, the process includes sampling, proliferation, separation, mutagenesis, gene transfer, gene recombination, etc., and the genetic recombination and other aspects put forward high requirements on the stability of the burner.


For decades, EBICO has cooperated with numerous pharmaceutical industry companies, such as Chengdu Tianbang Biological Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Junshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. According to the experience of EBICO's many years of project, this type of enterprise has high technology content and high performance requirements for burners. It is also the focus of national environmental management, and its emission standards for waste gas and wastewater are strictly restricted.


Statistical analysis of the customer case of EBICO clearly shows that EP series burner has been widely used, such as EP10GE burner provided by EBICO for a bio-pharmaceutical company.



1.Full electronic intelligence, easy control

The intelligent program controller integrates controllable data uploading and external communication to realize network communication and remote communication.


2.Abstract analog frequency system decreases starting power by 70%

The design of downstream bellows greatly reduces the air drag, and abstract analog frequency system saves up to 70% of the starting power.


3.Wide ranges of application

It applies to natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, liquefied gas and other fuels



Our Solution Advantages
Industry-wide applications
Industry-wide applications
Our research focuses on large industrial burners, non-standard burners, high-precision burners and intelligent control systems. EBICO Burner respond to the harsh conditions of all heating industries.
Specialized scheme
Specialized scheme
We have experience in the design, development, market service and resource optimization of fuel supply systems, automation systems for large burners. After nearly 10,000 real case tests worldwide.
Personalized customization
Personalized customization
Your needs, our solutions. The advanced and unique design concept has won many markets for EBICO Burner. Unique customized products and standard products fully meet the needs of all customers.
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