Solutions for Education Industry
Under the wave of “coal to gas” and “oil to gas”, traditional boilers and burners can’t achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction due to the limit of technique. The upgrading of boilers and burners in colleges and universities has been order of the day.
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Solutions for Education Industry

Industry Background

Education industry is a fundamental, and its development is related to every industry in the country. It can be said that it affects the whole country, and its level directly determines the level of social development. Talents are the most important thing in the 21st century, and the emergence of talents is closely related to education. Vigorous development of education is also a necessary prerequisite for ensuring cultivation of national talents.


Taking colleges and universities as an example, on the one hand, the influx of more and more students brings challenges and pressure to the school's public infrastructure. The hardware conditions such as catering and accommodation cannot meet the daily needs of college students. Of course, it also includes the old boiler heating system. On the other hand, under the wave of “coal to gas” and “oil to gas”,traditional boilers and burners can’t achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction due to the limit of technique. The upgrading of boilers and burners in colleges and universities has been order of the day.



Introduction of Scheme

EBICO has been working with educational institutions and organizations long ago, such as Renmin University of China, Hebei University of Technology, Beijing No. 3 Middle School, and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Educational institutions, organizations, etc. are different from other industries. Their unique industry attributes determine the following characteristics of the burner. The first is safety. Safety is the priority for school, where there must be crowds. The second is stability. That is quite important since the washing and dinning issues for thousands of people require a stable heat supply. The last is the silence, which is of great importance for students’ learning and resting. The above mentioned factors are the core requirements for burner selection within the education industry.


By arranging and analyzing EBICO's customer cases in the education industry, we can find that the EC...GE series burners are most widely used. For example, in the boiler transformation project of one university in Beijing, EBICO provided two sets of EC8GE type burners, which adapted to the school's 20-ton boiler.



1.HMI and dual-core safe control

EBICO adopts adjustable flame double control, heat-resistant combustion front end and super-divided flow technology to form dual-core safety control


2.Stable operation and simple maintenance

The fuselage design has two doors which can be opened. It is easy to maintain the burner with integrated module system of EBICO.


3.Several patent technologies to reduce noise by 30%

EBICO patented technology of ultra-fine air/gas distribution and central premixing/supermixing makes NOX lower than European Level 3 Standard, and wide frequency control technology reduces noise by about 30%.




Our Solution Advantages
Industry-wide applications
Industry-wide applications
Our research focuses on large industrial burners, non-standard burners, high-precision burners and intelligent control systems. EBICO Burner respond to the harsh conditions of all heating industries.
Specialized scheme
Specialized scheme
We have experience in the design, development, market service and resource optimization of fuel supply systems, automation systems for large burners. After nearly 10,000 real case tests worldwide.
Personalized customization
Personalized customization
Your needs, our solutions. The advanced and unique design concept has won many markets for EBICO Burner. Unique customized products and standard products fully meet the needs of all customers.
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