Both socially and industrially, EBICO is making a better impack.


Company News
Jul 29, 2021

In order to realize the sustainable and healthy development of agriculture, EBICO deeply implements the new concept, new thought and new strategy, and takes green development as the guide, equips the steam boiler of Zhanjiang Bohai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Jul 23, 2021

In order to promote the local new energy construction and the development of green environmental protection products, EBICO and Jiangxi Zhili, two outstanding environmental protection enterprises, joined hands to allocate two ES150GM low nitrogen burners for their drying equipment for the sake of blue sky and clean air, which are low carbon, low nitrogen, low oxygen, low noise, low electricity consumption, safe, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Jul 16, 2021

Luoyang Jianlong Micro-Nano Adsorbent Material Industrial Park Expansion Project, located in Yanshui Industrial Zone, covers an area of 97988.67㎡, with a total project investment of 1 billion. It is mainly used to expand the production line of high-silica molecular sieve raw powder with an annual output of 6000 tons. The production process of high-silica molecule needs a stable reaction environment of high temperature and high pressure, and EBICO low nitrogen burner is magnificent on the scene.

Media Report
Aug 03, 2021

During the decades of cooperation, nearly 100 burners of various types have been installed in the production bases of Yihai Kerry to ensure the processing of grain, oil and foodstuffs. Ltd. and Feng Yi Biotechnology (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. have successfully achieved the ignition and commissioning of the low nitrogen burners. ...

Jul 08, 2021

The ignition of the burner for Hebei Jorun Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. was successfully completed, which is another great success in the cooperation with medical companies....

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