Concentrating on the balance of environment, economy and society, EBICO has never forgotten to fulfill its corporate responsibility.


EBICO is not only committed to achieving maximum success in its core business of burners and intelligent system, but also actively builds positive relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and society, to fulfill its responsibilities as a company. , the pursuit of a sustainable future.


EBICO has upgraded the combination of combustion and intelligent operations, bringing the combustion efficiency to nearly 100%.


Continuous updating of technology, continuous reduction of about 10% of operating costs.


In 2018, it brought warmth to 130 countries and regions around the world.

Our Focus
EBICO with Environment
EBICO with Environment

In addition to pursuing business growth and breakthroughs, EBICO is committed to being a practitioner of sustainable development concepts to enhance environmental and social values. EBICO's goal is to promote coexistence and common prosperity between our business and the environment.

EBICO with Economics
EBICO with Economics

With the rapid growth of EBICO participating in the development and prosperity of the global economy, we continue to optimize the internal organizational structure to provide more quality jobs, while constantly updating technology to reduce consumer costs and promote the development of the global economy.

EBICO with Society
EBICO with Society

At EBICO, our work addresses the most pressing thermal challenges facing people and organizations in Italy and around the world today. Committed to the health and well-being of others, this promotes our social responsibility and philanthropy as individuals and companies.

Latest News
Sep 26, 2022

As an important factor in many industrial production projects, the environmental protection function of burners has been included in the comprehensive consideration of the burners’ product performance. In order to develop a low-carbon and clean industry, conform to the trend of energy structure transformation, and actively respond to China's low-nitrogen policy, many enterprises partner with the "booster", EBICO, to move forward into a modern industr......

Sep 20, 2022

Under the national’s strategic goal of "Peak Carbon dioxide emissions" and "Carbon Neutralization", EBICO works hard on environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. We pay great attention on environmental and social responsibility, and unswervingly follows the green development road of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". To face the increasingly tight constraints of resources, energy and carbon emissions, the new chemical mater......

Focus on burners and equipment to lead the global thermal industry.
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