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EBICO Helps Shandong Expressway Group Build A Low-carbon High-speed Industry Chain

EBICO Helps Shandong Expressway Group Build A Low-carbon High-speed Industry Chain
Oct 15, 2021 Page Views: 9 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

Recently, Shandong Jining Yanzhou District Ji Micro high speed project to promote the burner transformation, Shandong High speed Group chose EBICO asphalt mixing floor burner, EBICO after-sales engineer fireline to complete the guidance of installation work!


Shandong Expressway Group is a state-owned company in the field of infrastructure in Shandong Province. It is committed to becoming an infrastructure investment, construction and operation service provider with prominent main business and strong core competitiveness, providing strong support for the construction of "strong transportation province". Yanzhou District Jiwei Expressway project is subordinate to Shandong Expressway Group. The route runs from Jinan to Weishan Expressway, with a total length of 59 kilometers. It is the largest assembled highway designed and constructed in Shandong Province.




In order to practice the concept of intelligent high speed and green high speed, Shandong High Speed Group decided to replace the burner being used in Jiwei section, and finally decided to use the environmentally friendly burner developed and produced by EBICO.




To provide raw materials for road construction, type 5000 asphalt mixing building was used on site. The pulverized coal burner was used before the transformation, which could not fully meet the idea of Shandong High-speed Group in terms of pollution discharge and cost investment. The new asphalt mixing building burner of EBICO uses natural gas as fuel to replace the traditional pulverized coal burner and effectively reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. Combined with the field conditions, the Selection team chose EBS3000G burner, which is perfect for the use of 5000 asphalt mixing plant.


Asphalt mixing plant burner


Asphalt mixing plant burner


With the obsolescence of the old pulverized coal burner, the independent control system corresponding to it all loses its function. In order to save time and minimize the negative impact of the replacement of combustion equipment on the project, the debugging engineer of EBICO wasted no time. After familiarizing with the working conditions on site, he quickly completed the construction of the burner operating platform and installed the blower control system, which was highly recognized by the project side of Jinwei Expressway.


Asphalt mixing plant burner


As "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" have been incorporated into the overall layout of ecological civilization construction, Shandong is developing digital green construction technologies at a high speed to help accelerate the transformation of old and new driving forces in Shandong province. EBICO focuses on the forefront of low carbon and low nitrogen burner technology, and joins hands to create a green low carbon high-speed industrial chain!

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