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EBICO Asia Economic Headquarters and EBICO Smart Park is Located in Liangxi!
Jan 18, 2022

EBICO Asia Economic Headquarters and EBICO Wisdom Park project is successfully located in Yang Ming Street, Liangxi, Wuxi! As the first major project ...

EBICO Guarantees Ultra-low Emissions of Yihua Group Under -20℃
Dec 24, 2021

Inner Mongolia Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd. decided to purchase environmentally friendly combustion equipment for its chemical raw material production equ...

Guangdong Album|The glittering light of EBICO on the land of Southern Guangdong!
Dec 10, 2021

Guangdong has been actively promoting the "coal to gas" project in recent years, vigorously promoting the prevention and control of air pollution. Loc...

EBICO объединяет усилия с Kelun Group для продвижения экологичного и высококачественного развития в фармацевтической промышленности!
Nov 16, 2021

The largest pharmaceutical factory in southwest China - Kelun Group naturally not to be left behind, together with the burner industry environmental p...

EBICO Promotes the Low-carbon Cycle Development of New Hope Group
Oct 29, 2021

With its strong technological innovation and environmental protection strength, many advanced chemical companies have extended their olive branch to E...

EBICO Product Knowledge and Skills Training was Successfully Completed!
Oct 19, 2021

In order to continuously improve the business and professional skills of our staff, we regularly train them to provide a better service experience....

Global Warming Has Sounded the Red Alert! EBICO Helps to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change!
Sep 16, 2021

With a focus on environmental protection in China, EBICO has always been committed to delivering low nitrogen and low carbon product concepts and busi...

Today, Bosch, An Old Friend of EBICO, Brushed the Screen!
Sep 13, 2021

On September 8, Wuxi High-Tech Zone, Bosch China and Wafer Works signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the first carbon neutral consulting pro...

The First Online Competition of EBICO's After-sales Service Star is Successfully Completed!
Sep 02, 2021

In order to hone after-sales service skills and better improve customer satisfaction, EBICO held this online competition for after-sales service perso...

How to Handle Infectious Medical Waste Scientifically?
Aug 10, 2021

The rational and safe disposal of infectious medical waste is of great importance to protect the ecological environment and safeguard public health. I...

EBICO and Yihai Kerry Group join forces
Aug 03, 2021

During the decades of cooperation, nearly 100 burners of various types have been installed in the production bases of Yihai Kerry to ensure the proces...

EBICO Builds Waste Heat Recovery System for Hebei Zhuorun Medical Supplies Co. Ltd!
Jul 08, 2021

The ignition of the burner for Hebei Jorun Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. was successfully completed, which is another great success in the cooperation wi...

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