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EBICO Resolves the "Crux" of Golondello Power Shortage

EBICO Resolves the "Crux" of Golondello Power Shortage
Jun 22, 2021 Page Views: 7 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

In mid-June 2021, a new chapter of EBICO's overseas projects was completed: the commissioning of the coal-fired generating unit IPP project in Kolonteiro, Indonesia was successfully completed! The two ES900M mechanical burners are playing the important role in Indonesia!




Located in Sulawesi, Indonesia, Kolonteiro is the 11th largest island in the world with a population of over 20 million, but with a large share of mountainous terrain and poor resources at its disposal per capita. The only oil-fired power station currently available cannot meet the growing demand for electricity from the grid, and the problem of electricity constraint has become a stumbling block to economic development.




China Power Construction Group, as the backbone of global infrastructure interconnection, has delivered a series of high-quality projects to countries around the world over the years, in which EBICO burners have participated many times as the designated core main parts of the projects. In the Columbus coal-fired power station project, CECC has a certain percentage of equity participation in the general contracting and operation and maintenance business, and EBICO burners are fully committed to ensure the smooth operation of the 50MW coal-fired unit.




The project uses ES900M burner, which adopts simple mechanical atomization nozzle and high-energy ignition method, and the combustion efficiency reaches 99.9%. The programmed ignition system and flameout protection device are used to ensure the personal safety of the operators. Unlike conventional operating conditions, the Columbus project is located near the ocean, with high humidity and high salt content, which means that the whole equipment will be exposed to hot and humid salt spray for a long time. The technical team of EBICO has taken into account the local conditions and focused more on corrosion resistance in the selection of burner materials, fans and motors, which was well received by the Indonesian government.




Together with CECC, the new coal-fired generating units will bring 700.8 million kilowatt-hours of annual online power generation to Sulawesi, with 7008 hours of equivalent annual availability, which will greatly improve the tight electricity supply situation after completion. At the same time, the project experience in Southeast Asia will be enriched and the strength will be built up for the better development of China's thermal engineering business card!

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