Safety, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection.

Burner Products

Through the 8 major steps, respectively investigation, design, test, production, certification, feedback, innovation and guidance, safety, energy conservation and
environmental protection of EBICO burners are brought into full play, and we will always adhere to those severe requirements.

Boiler Burner
Boiler Burner

The burners for boilers are important equipment for burning fuel oil, gas, coal powder and other particles or for fully burning various fuels after alternation and mixing. EBICO can provide burners suitable for various fuels, including monoblock type burner, split type burner, and non-standard customized burner. The emission of burner conforms to the regulations of China, the United States and the European Union, especially for NOx emissions.

Thermal Oil Furnace Burner
Thermal Oil Furnace Burner

The thermal oil furnace is an equipment that indirectly heats the conduction oil with the support of burner. The conduction oil, which is forced to liquid-phase circulating by the circulating pump, transmits the heat to the heat equipment. EBICO burners are of high technology, which make it be well applied in thermal oil furnace with preheated air of high temperatures up to 200° C, 250 ° C or even 500 ° C and achieve low NOX emission at the same time.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Burner
Asphalt Mixing Plant Burner

As the mechatronics equipment with high degree of automation, the heat transfer method of the burner for asphalt mixing plant is direct contact radiation.

Short flame shape control but negative pressure design of the combustion chamber. Product advantages include low pressure oil supply, medium atomization; low pressure gas, gas ring atomization; low NOx emissions. 2021

Hot Blast Furnace Burner
Hot Blast Furnace Burner

The hot blast stove directly or indirectly transfers the heat of pulverized coal to the heating equipment such as drying equipment. There are two types: circulation heat type and non-circulation heat type. EBICO can provide burner products that meet the requirements of negative pressure, positive pressure and high temperature according to the characteristics of the furnace.

Non-Standard Burner
Non-Standard Burner

“EBICO” ET series non-standard custom burners are designed and produced according to the special needs of customers. According to the special fuel, special combustion mode, special working condition, special structure, etc, EBICO can custom made the burner with our technical team.

Burner Management System
Burner Management System

EBICO burners should be equipped with certain system products, including fuel delivery systems, air supply systems, and intelligent control systems. Integrated control system is aimed at improving the control precision and saving the control cost; The fuel delivery system can be further divided into a liquid fuel delivery system and a gas fuel delivery system.

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