Solutions for Power Industry
Renewable energy encourages the power industry to independently develop clean energy and transform production and management methods, while the environmental attributes of the burners once again become the focus.
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Solutions for Power Industry

Industry Background

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the power market has faced tremendous impact, especially under the influence of the global financial crisis, the opportunities and challenges facing the power industry have become more. In order to improve power sales, ensure that enterprises are in an invincible position in the competition, and conduct forward-looking analysis of enterprises, it is particularly important for enterprises to adopt effective strategies to continuously expand the power market.


As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, countries' standards for pollutant emissions are also increasing. Taking China as an example, the environmental protection tax law implemented on January 1, 2018 has further increased the amount of local environmental tax, which has greatly increased the cost of each enterprise.


In this context, renewable energy has been given new missions such as energy conservation and emission reduction, greenhouse gas emission control and air pollution control. This shows that the development of renewable energy will be mentioned to a higher level, and the proportion in China's energy system is further enhanced. This encourages the power industry to independently develop clean energy and transform production and management methods, while the environmental attributes of the burners once again become the focus.



Introduction of Scheme

Taking thermal power generation as an example, thermal power generation generally refers to a general term for a method of heating water by using heat generated by combustion of combustibles, turning the water into high temperature, high-pressure steam, and then driving the generator to generate electricity by steam.


In the thermal power generation mode, first feed the fuel and air into the boiler and inject the feed water chemically treated into it as well. Then the heat released by the fuel combustion would turn the water into high temperature and high pressure steam, which would drive the turbine to rotate and work, thus driving the generator so as to generate power. In the gas turbine power generation mode, first compress the air into the combustion chamber with a compressor, mix the air with injected fuel and atomize it. Combustion of it would form high-temperature gas, which would enter the gas turbine, expand and work, thus driving the turbine blades to rotate so as to generate power.


According to the industry experience accumulated by EBICO for many years, the electric power industry has been the focus of monitoring by the national environmental protection department. How to reduce pollutant emissions without increasing or slightly increasing input is a difficult problem that the power industry must face.


Statistical analysis of consumer cases could easily show that burners within EBICO.GE(FGR) series are widely recognized by consumers in the power industry.



1.Wide ranges of application

Burners within the series could apply to natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, and other fuels.


2.Compact streamlined design

Compact streamlined design, modular skidding of machinery, electricity and control, small size, low power cost, easy maintenance.


3.A number of patented technologies reduce pollutant emissions to extremely low levels

EBICO patented technology of multi-channel air distribution, multi-channel gas distribution, and central premixing technology bring NOX, CO emissions to a very low level.



Our Solution Advantages
Industry-wide applications
Industry-wide applications
Our research focuses on large industrial burners, non-standard burners, high-precision burners and intelligent control systems. EBICO Burner respond to the harsh conditions of all heating industries.
Specialized scheme
Specialized scheme
We have experience in the design, development, market service and resource optimization of fuel supply systems, automation systems for large burners. After nearly 10,000 real case tests worldwide.
Personalized customization
Personalized customization
Your needs, our solutions. The advanced and unique design concept has won many markets for EBICO Burner. Unique customized products and standard products fully meet the needs of all customers.
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EBICO's attitude of pursuing excellence and continuous improvement promotes the innovation of burner products in safety, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence.
EBICO cares about customers'pursuits and aspirations, and provides 7*24 hours of consulting services. The sales service network has radiated worldwide.
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