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How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born
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How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

About 1.8 million years ago, humans learned to cook food with purposeful control of fire. The use of fire has made unprecedented progress in human health and life, and Darwin also called cooking the most important invention of mankind after language.

How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

Food is the priority of the people, and ensuring food supply and food safety is often the first demand of the people. With the progress of science and technology and the changes in market demand, convenient food that is convenient to cook, easy to carry and save has entered the growth mode under the catalysis of new business models such as "home economy" and "live economy", and the industry has broad prospects.

Recently, EBICO cooperated with Baixiang Group, a well-known food enterprise, on the heat demand supply of flour production, drying and other processes, and provided EP-GE series low nitrogen combustion equipment for its East China production base -- Nanjing Baixiang Food Co., LTD.

How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

Baixiang Food Co., Ltd. was formally founded in 1997, is a production and sales of high-quality flour products based comprehensive food enterprises. Baixiang Food has been in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, Jilin, Shanxi and other 10 provinces layout 12 high-quality flour products production base, has been awarded the "agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise", "National staple food processing industry demonstration enterprise" and other honors.

How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

Behind the strong market advantage is the strict control of food quality and food safety, EBICO EP-GE series combustion equipment fully covers the production heat needs of customers, and can be used for natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, liquefied gas and other fuels.

High combustion efficiency, reduce heat loss
The combination of EBICO open split low carbon, low oxygen flame stabilizer and intelligent numerical control effectively reduces heat loss, the combustion efficiency is nearly 100%, and the bad phenomena such as brittle surface, wet surface and sour surface are avoided.

Security and intelligent dual guarantee
EBICO PLC control system has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and high precision intelligent control; Three-way shunt technology, high and low voltage monitoring and other layers of protection, composed of dual-core safety control.

Compact linear design
EBICO setting machine, electric, control modular skid design, equipment small size, low power, easy maintenance.

In order to protect and improve the environment, improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions, EBICO is equipped with a down-flow bellows design, which can save up to 70% of the starting power. The comprehensive application of advanced low nitrogen technology will control NOx pollution emissions within 30mg/Nm³, truly achieve low nitrogen, low carbon, low oxygen at the same time, reduce installation, operation, maintenance costs.

How a bowl of Baixiang good noodles is born

After the convenience food industry has entered the mature stage of development, high efficiency, energy saving and stability have become the new anchor point for the innovation of supporting equipment. EBICO's advanced and mature environmental protection technology and efficient and stable performance far exceed customer expectations, and promote the cross-border integration of industry and catering industry with the strength of enterprises, and surging green momentum for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry!

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