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Heat delivers real deliciousness

Heat delivers real deliciousness
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Heat delivers real deliciousness

In recent years, China's kimchi industry has grown rapidly, with a market size of more than 40 billion. With the gradual rise of the "stay-at-home economy", Chinese compound condiments and prepared dishes have become new trends in the industry.
Heat delivers real deliciousness

High-temperature sterilization is a commonly used sterilization method in the process of making kimchi. Recently, EBICO has joined forces with Sichuan Liji Pickles and Seasoning Co., Ltd. to supply energy for the heat demand gap in its food production chain.

Heat delivers real deliciousness

Sichuan Liji Pickles and Condiments Co., Ltd. is a large-scale agricultural and sideline products processing enterprise brand that mainly produces pickles, condiments, and spicy oil series of side dishes. Based on its location advantage, Liji Kimchi has an annual output of more than 100,000 tons of various pickles, condiments and other products. Its flagship brand "Liji Lebao" has been included in the "China Famous Trademark". Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Heat delivers real deliciousness

Currently, the food processing industry still faces the problems of low thermal efficiency, high energy consumption and poor environmental performance of traditional heating equipment. EBICO fully considers the customer's production and environmental protection costs, and selects ES-GE low-nitrogen burners and supporting equipment with superior performance and significant environmental protection effects, which can provide 6 steam tons of heat energy for the production line per hour.

Heat delivers real deliciousness

This series adopts modular control, multi-channel output adjustment, man-machine dialogue makes the operation more convenient, and the big data information system optimizes the troubleshooting process and strengthens the on-site safety protection. The use of the integrated control system avoids the shortcomings of the original control system such as dispersion and incompatibility, optimizes the unity of electronic control, greatly improves control accuracy, and saves energy consumption.

In terms of environmental protection, in line with the concept of sustainable development, EBICO multi-channel gas distribution, 1.5% oxygen precision control technology, arc-shaped oblique flow air inlet and frequency control design respectively achieve a significant reduction in pollutant concentration, efficient combustion, and reduce production noise. . On-site NOx emissions are stably controlled within 30 mg/Nm³, and the one-stop after-sales service has won unanimous recognition from customers.

The rise of the “stay-at-home” economy is not only a carnival for the e-commerce market, but also opens up a new track for the traditional food industry. The simple and delicious pickled fish has become the "darling" of the prepared dishes trend, and the overall market has experienced explosive growth.

Heat delivers real deliciousness

Among them, Liji Kimchi's suitable taste and stable production are widely welcomed by the public. The prefabricated dish brand "Dingding Lazy Vegetables" that Liji Kimchi participated in the cooperation quickly went out of the circle as soon as it was launched.

Heat delivers real deliciousness

Taking advantage of the sales method and traffic advantage of the live broadcast platform, the sales volume of "Ding Ding Lan Ren Cai" has reached the first place among the pickled fish pre-made dishes on the entire network, and has become the official designated pre-made dish for the Hangzhou Asian Games, allowing thousands of customers to taste EBICO and Li Ji A traditional authentic taste created together.

In the face of new consumption patterns, market models and industry changes, EBICO's unremitting research spirit has laid a solid foundation for innovation in the food industry with more efficient, healthier and safer environmental protection concepts, and accelerated the transformation and development of the industry.

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