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Turning Grain Into Gold, the Variety of Corn

Turning Grain Into Gold, the Variety of Corn
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Turning grain into gold, the variety of corn

EBICO supports the smart transformation of agricultural products with green technologies.

Corn, wheat, and rice are the three major grains, and they are also important crops, feedstuffs, and industrial raw materials.

Since 2013, corn has surpassed rice to become China's largest grain crop, and its 38.9% share of production determines the status of corn, the gold in grain, in the entire agricultural production and national economy.

Turning grain into gold

Turning grain into gold

Yufeng Industrial Group is currently the largest corn deep-processing enterprise in China. It is also a key leading enterprise in China's agricultural industrialization and one of the top 100 agricultural product processing enterprises in China. Both are number one in China.

Yufeng Industrial Group Co. LTD

The Henan Provincial Government actively introduced Yufeng Industrial Group and built a large-scale healthy bio-industrial park in Yufeng, Henan Province, so as to improve the layout of the entire industrial chain and improve the status quo of non-deep processing provinces.

The total investment of the project is 10.6 billion yuan, supporting the construction of cogeneration and 40,000 tons of sewage treatment and environmental protection center projects, and using the generated biogas to provide energy for production.

Security - A common language for EBICO

Security - A common language for EBICO

Biogas has a high calorific value, and the combustion of mixed natural gas can not only ensure the supply of heat but also make better use of these renewable resources.

After clarifying the actual needs of customers, EBICO immediately formulated customized professional combustion equipment and provided related facilities.

EBICO chose the EP-GE series of burners, with dual gas lines designed separately for single-fuel and hybrid combustion.

EBICO high-precision intelligent controller and digital intelligent program controller

Considering the explosive characteristics of biogas, EBICO high-precision intelligent controller and digital intelligent program controller can realize fast information reading and unobstructed understanding and processing, adjustable flame dual control, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant combustion front-end composition A dual-core safety control system is adopted. During the commissioning and installation of the project, EBICO also arranged for technical experts to conduct professional training for the on-site staff, adding another safety guarantee for on-site production.

Environmental protection - Working together for green development

From the beginning of food to the end of the dining table, a green and circular economy is always the ideal development state advocated by the industrial park, which is no different from the environmental protection concept that EBICO has always advocated.

Turning Grain Into Gold, the Variety of Corn

In the process of EBICO providing services for Yufeng Industrial, EBICO's patented technology of multi-pipe air distribution and multi-pipe air distribution can reduce NOx emissions to an extremely low level. The central pre-mixing technology allows the fuel to be fully mixed with the air before entering the combustion chamber, and the gas molecules are fully stirred and mixed through the pre-mixing cavity, making the mixing process more complete, so that the combustion speed will not be limited by the gas diffusion speed And other physical conditions, the combustion efficiency is higher, the NOx emission can be further suppressed, and finally the emission value is stabilized within 30 mg, so as to meet the latest emission standards of Henan Province.

Turning Grain Into Gold, the Variety of Corn

At present, the first phase of the project is under steady construction. After the project is fully completed and put into operation, it is expected to realize an annual sales income of 18 billion yuan, pay taxes of about 750 million yuan to China, and create about 2,000 new jobs.

Safety guarantees production.
Intelligent controls enhance the processing flow.
Energy saving to optimize development.
Environmental protection to protect the future.
EBICO wants to build this wonderful world together with you.

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