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Join Hands With National Owned Companies to drive the green transformation of petrochemical industry.

Join Hands With National Owned Companies to drive the green transformation of petrochemical industry.
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Petrochemical industry is the most important energy-based industry in the development of national economy. In recent years, with the increasing dependence on fossil oil, the problems of waste water, waste gas, solid waste and noise pollution have emerged one after another, and resource utilization and environmental protection have gradually become the focus of society.

Sinopec and PetroChina are actively seeking newer, better and more environmental friendly means of energy utilization while expanding their industrial layout, and have reached friendly cooperation with EBICO, which adheres to the green development path, to jointly promote the optimization and upgrading of the petrochemical industry.


Sinopec Group Luoyang Branch

The petrochemical product preparation project of Luoyang Branch of Sinopec Group is a key project to expand its production scale and meet the market demand for petrochemical products, which plays an important role in promoting local economic growth and green industrial development.


According to the “Requirements of Emission Standard of Pollutants in Petroleum Refining Industry”, EBICO selected an EC-GR series low-nitrogen burner and supporting facilities for our client. The combustion mode adopts natural gas micro-positive pressure chamber combustion, and the rated steam temperature reaches 300℃, which meets the production heat demand of 50 steam tons.


Aiming at the main pollutants produced in the production process, such as SO2, NOx, particulate matter, etc., EBICO uses advanced technologies of vacuum internal mixing, super mixing and vector disturbance to pave the way for petrochemical transformation, and strives to achieve SO2 emission <10mg, NOx emission < 30mg and particulate matter < 5 mg.

The silencers and shock-absorbing pads provided by EBICO for special fans will reduce noise pollution to a low range and create a green and safe modern production factory.


PetroChina Jilin (Jieyang) Branch

PetroChina Jilin (Jieyang) Branch's 600,000-ton/year ABS production project is a demonstration project to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the refining business of the group company. It is also a landmark project for Jilin Petrochemical to form two ABS production bases in the north and south and promote high-quality development.


The market demand of ABS resin is great for it is difficult to produce. In order to fully meet the production needs of PetroChina Jilin and relieve the pressure of pollutant discharge, EBICO selected three EP-GE series hot air low nitrogen combustion equipment with an output of 7 million kcal/h.


Considering that ABS resin is molded at 180℃-250℃, but it is easy to decompose when the temperature exceeds 240℃, to avoid this, EBICO uses PLC intelligent control system to monitor the production situation in real time and automatically stop the heat medium at high temperature to maximize the quality of ABS products.


Environmental protection advantages

1. Using abstract analog frequency which can save up to 70% starting power.

2. The combustion efficiency is nearly 100% by using the open low-carbon and low-oxygen flame stabilizer.

3. The burner can retrieve the hot air below 250℃ to heat the combustion-supporting air, which greatly saves the production cost.

4. Accurate atmosphere ratio, good combustion status under high load operation, site NOx emission less than 40mg, and realized zero CO pollution .

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