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Melamine's Golden Elephant Journey

Melamine's Golden Elephant Journey
Mar 31, 2023 Page Views: 28 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

Melamine's Golden Elephant Journey

EBICO X Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity

Melamine, commonly known as protein essence, is an important chemical raw material. After reacting with formaldehyde, it can produce melamine resin with water resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high gloss, and good insulation.

EBICO X Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity

The downstream products of melamine are widely used, mainly in wood processing, molding materials, coatings, and other fields, covering medicine, electrical, textile, and other industries, which also determines that the industrial development of melamine is closely related to the real estate market and the national economy.


In recent years, my country's melamine industry has officially entered a period of transition from old to new. Gradually eliminate outdated production capacity with high energy consumption, serious pollution, and small scale, and build new large-scale equipment with low energy consumption, environmental friendliness, and high product quality.

EBICO has been focusing on environmental protection for many years and is committed to producing environmentally friendly burners to improve the pollution pressure on the environment brought about by the development of productivity. Facing the wave of replacement in the melamine industry, EBICO has also delivered a satisfactory answer through cooperation with Sichuan Golden Elephant Chemical.

Working together, a new journey for the Golden Elephant

Working together, a new journey for the Golden Elephant

Sichuan Golden Elephant Chemical ranks among the top 150 Chinese petroleum and chemical companies in 2022 and is one of the four domestic companies with an annual output of melamine exceeding 100,000 tons.

Sichuan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemical Co., Ltd.

In response to the new policy called by the Sichuan Municipal Government, Golden Elephant Chemical implemented the policy of relocating the entire industry to the west. Sichuan Qing'an Material Technology Co., Ltd., which is wholly owned by Golden Elephant, is responsible for the pre-planning project of the westward relocation project-an industrial chain project of cyanamide carbon nitrogen materials with an annual output of 100,000 tons.

The project selected EBICO EC-GR series split hot air burners, with a maximum output of over 36 million kcal, fully meeting the customer's production demand for heat energy of 30 million kcal.

Electronic proportional regulation control

Electronic proportional regulation control

For each load point, each air and gas are set according to the optimal ratio, the independent ignition position ensures the safe start of the burner, and the two actuators control the damper and the gas valve respectively to achieve full combustion of the flame.

Low NOx professional technical solutions

During the operation of the combustion equipment, fuel and air are injected in stages and the flue gas is internally circulated. The fuel is introduced into the flame and other different parts, and the combustion-supporting air enters each independent control area of the wind box and is directed to the flame in segments. The effective control of the fuel and air mixture by the EBICO burner realizes low-temperature combustion and low emission and can reduce thermal NOx by 50-70% with the assistance of the flue gas external circulation system.

EBICO Intelligent Control System

EBICO Intelligent Control System

The EBICO control system provides flame loss protection, power loss protection, gas loss protection, and gas high and low-pressure protection, and has automatic cut-off and alarm functions. The operating heat load can be automatically adjusted according to the load change of the production equipment. The control interface is operated by a large touch screen, the working status of the system is clear at a glance, the operation is convenient, and the intelligent concept of EBICO is implemented.

Fifteen years ago, the tainted milk powder incident brought melamine into the public eye; today, 15 years later, melamine, an important industrial raw material, has already embarked on a journey to a new development direction.

Wider range of applications
more efficient of the production process
more environmentally friendly of development direction

Don't admire the old, it is to sum up experience from the old model
To develop towards the new, It is to move towards a scientific and sustainable future
Choose EBICO, choose the future

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