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EBICO Helps Ningxia Yongnong Bio-Triple Gas Mixing and Firing Project Go into Operation!

EBICO Helps Ningxia Yongnong Bio-Triple Gas Mixing and Firing Project Go into Operation!
Jun 18, 2021 Page Views: 11 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

Recently, good news came one after another. The EC10GR non-standard burner customized by EBICO for Ningxia Yongnong Bioscience Co., Ltd., after more than 5 months of intensive debugging work, has finally come to a successful end and been put into use smoothly!


custom burners


Yongnong Biological Science Co., Ltd. is a collection of agricultural chemicals research and development, production, sales - based high-tech enterprises. The production of agricultural chemicals itself is a polluting industry. After the implementation of the national environmental protection policy, the low nitrogen burner of green environmental protection becomes the first choice. Through a number of comparisons, the perfect product quality, perfect after-sales service and rich engineering experience of EBICO successfully moved Yongnong Bioscience Co., Ltd.


custom burners


The project is located in Yinchuan, Ningxia, where the special geographical environment leads to an extremely cold and hot climate, plus the fact that it can only be operated in the open air, which makes the normal operation of the burner difficult due to various uncertainties. In the face of this special situation,EBICO provided the perfect solution for the customer with a specific analysis of the problem.


custom burners


custom burners


Combining the customer's needs and actual problems, the technical team of EBICO equipped the 14 million calorie heat-conducting oil furnace with a customized non-standard burner, and used a unique method of mixing natural gas, choke gas and analyzing gas to achieve energy recycling, improve combustion efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions, thus achieving environmental protection and energy saving.


In fact, back in January, EBICO technicians went to the site and completed the natural gas ignition and commissioning. After a very successful completion of the first stage, the heat-conducting oil furnace entered the main furnace dewatering stage, and the process of load-raising according to the production requirements would drive the equipment to produce choke gas and analysis gas, which would accumulate to the rated amount before the second stage of commissioning.


custom burners


custom burners


After 5 months of waiting, the second stage of commissioning is now underway! The long process of accumulation is waiting and accumulation of momentum, the technical staff did not relax and worked diligently on the front line, and finally delivered a perfect answer for the customer.

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