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1、Why there’s spark in the ignition match of the gas boiler but doesn't catch fire?

1、Why there’s spark in the ignition match of the gas boiler but doesn't catch fire?
Nov 08, 2022 Category: Service Category Page Views: 2 Author: EBICO Burner


Possible reason:

  • The clearance of cyclone ventilation is blocked by carbon deposit, which leads to poor ventilation.
  • Nozzle is dirty, blocked or worn.
  • The throttle setting angle is too small.
  • The distance between the tip of the ignition match and the leading edge of the oil nozzle is not appropriate (too protruding or retracted).
  • Oil gun solenoid valve is blocked by sundries (small oil gun).
  • The oil is too viscous to flow easily, or the filter system is blocked or the oil valve is not opened, so that the oil pump does not absorb enough oil and the oil pressure is low.
  • The filter screen of the oil pump itself is blocked.
  • There is too muchwater in the oil (abnormal boiling noise in the heater).

Treatment measures include:

  • Cleaning; Clean it first, if problem notfixed, replace a new one; Turning down test; Adjust the distance (preferably 3~4mm); Remove and clean (clean the parts with diesel oil); Check the pipeline, oil filter and thermal insulation equipment; Remove the peripheral screws of the oil pump, carefully remove the outer cover, take out the oil net inside, and soak it with diesel oil; Try it with new oil.
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