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Flow analysis of burner outlet

Flow analysis of burner outlet
Jun 14, 2022 Category: Product Category Page Views: 7 Author: EBICO Burner

Burner design is the key factor to determine the combustion efficiency and flame type, and burner exit flow analysis is one of the best ways to verify burner design.




The burner used in the analysis consists of two concentric tubes arranged in a ring with a cyclone to provide oxidant (air or oxygen-rich air). In order to induce vortex of different strength, eight guide vanes with different angles are designed. The fuel injection mode and the ratio of fuel to oxygen-rich air determine the combustion mode of the burner. The burner can be changed from diffusion type to partially premixed type and vortex type. In this study, radial fuel injection was used to enhance mixing in the area near the burner outlet.


The test was carried out in a square chamber with a height of 1 meter and a cross section of 48x48cm2 under the action of one atmosphere pressure. The outer walls of the combustion chamber are water-cooled and lined with refractory material. In the V3V system, 250L/min of air was added to the annulus to test the non-reactive (flameless) flow condition. The volume velocity is about 4.7 m/s, and the alumina particles used for dispersing are used as tracers. The average diameter is around 1μm.


The measuring body includes the central axis of the burner, extending outwards and containing approximately half of the burner. The camera is mounted on the V3V-9000-TS(center left) and the laser is placed on the other side of the chamber. Because of the strong three-dimensional nature of flow, the V3V-9000-TS system is considered to be a very suitable tool for flow analysis. In addition, the high spatial resolution of 1mm3 in the results provides a very detailed understanding of flow details and is an effective method for validating burner designs.

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