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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese Baijiu! EBICO partners with GuiZhou Fortune Baijiu Group to build a cleaner industry.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese Baijiu! EBICO partners with GuiZhou Fortune Baijiu Group to build a cleaner industry.
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Starting from the center of China to the southwest.

To the northeast of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau

The "turning city" stands impressively.

This is Zunyi

It is also where the Chinese baijiu capital of China located.


For 800 years from the birth of the first bottle of Daqu Maotai-flavor Chinese baijiu, countless liquor enterprises have taken root and grown in a small town called Maotai. Selecting materials, fermenting, distilling and canning, how a grain becomes a drop of mellow baijiu, time is showing its miracle.

Every step is essential, but the perfection of distillation will directly affect the quality of baijiu. There are many and complicated distillation stages. In order to keep the aroma and taste of baijiu and purify the impurities to the greatest extent, the ideal temperature of each distillation stage fluctuates, which puts forward extremely high requirements for the output and control ability of the burner.

About Chinese baijiu distillation

Chinese baijiu distillation is divided into three stages: the initial stage: the boiling point is below 78.3℃, and the intermediate stage: it’s between 78.3℃ and 95℃; Final stage: boiling point at about 100℃.


Fortune Baijiu (Group) Co., Ltd. From Moutai town, Renhuai city, is an enterprise group integrating production and sales. The company mainly produces Maotai-flavor Chinese baijiu with a total annual output of over 4,000 tons. The company also had won the title of "Green Enterprise of Baijiu Capital" in Guizhou Province.

The 18050kW distillation project of Fortune Baijiu is a specific project for the company to face the peak of Chinese baijiu consumption during Spring Festival and meet the dual needs of enterprise development and economic structure optimization in the "double carbon era".


According to the technological process of Chinese baijiu distillation, EBICO selected two ES-GE series low-nitrogen burners and their supporting equipment, and equipped with LMV control system. Under the full-automatic electronic proportional adjustment and full coverage monitoring control of intelligent system, EBICO perfectly realizes convenient operation and completes three-stage firepower adjustment.

At the first stage, the fire burns big and fast; At the second stage, the fire was steady and the slow gas distillation made the ester content in the wine higher than 2% of the fast fire, and the distillation efficiency was about 10% higher than that of the fast fire.


In the process of slow-fire distillation, the steam pressure in the combustion space is low, and the aroma in the liquor is steamed out, making bring more mellow into baijiu.

At the third stage, the temperature is raised again and the fire is getting big, the impurities with higher boiling point in the liquor are distilled and separated, thus ensuring the quality of the baijiu.


At the same time, EBICO knows that local high-quality sorghum, wheat and natural high-quality spring water are one of the reasons for the high-quality baijiu of Fortune Baijiu, but the highly concentrated wineries also bring serious emission pollution to Chishui River, which has a negative impact on the local ecology and living environment.

Based on the concept of sustainable development and the production goal of high efficiency and low emission, EBICO has optimized the co-work system of combustion and intelligent control, which help achieved a significant reduction in NOx emission; through multi-channel gas distribution, a reduction in noise by 30% is realized; 1.5% oxygen fine control technology and broadband control technology saved up to 70% of the startup electric energy.

In this cooperation, EBICO followed the ancient process, supplemented by a new generation of intelligent combustion technology, witnessed the continuous upgrading and innovation of Chinese baijiu  industry, and injected vitality into the traditional industry.

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