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EBICO Supports Heating in the Shangdi Area of Beijing!

EBICO Supports Heating in the Shangdi Area of Beijing!
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Due to the cold wave, Beijing area experienced significant rain, snow, wind and strong cooling weather, and the heating season was earlier than previous years.


Shichuang Energy Co., LTD., subordinate to Shichuang High-tech Co., LTD., is responsible for heating in the 3.2 million square meter area of Shangdi Base. At present, all heating pipe networks in Shangdi Base are in normal operation, and various emergency measures have been actively implemented to ensure the warm winter of people.、


Burners for the heating industry


Under the dual promotion of market demand and policy, environmental protection burner is favored. EBICO adapts ES800GE environmental protection burner for Beijing Shichuang Shangdi Energy Center.


Using clean natural gas as fuel, it controls pollutant emissions within 30 milligrams and steadily and effectively inhibits the formation of nitrogen oxides, perfectly meeting local emission requirements in Beijing, guarding the warmth of thousands of homes while guarding the blue sea and blue sky.


Burners for the heating industry


The heating project is a time-critical and complicated task, and although it is urgent and difficult, it does not stop the EBICO personnel from rushing to the front line. Not neglecting a detail, not letting go of a doubt, keeping an eye on every operation step, standing by, winning universal praise with practical actions.


We will continue to provide our customers with quality services as our sacred mission and glorious duty, and provide Beijing residents with a warm and comfortable winter with our professional services and strict and responsible attitude.


Burners for the heating industry


EBICO will continue to respond to the national call, help the development of clean energy, deepen the market demand, take energy saving and emission reduction as the main rhythm!

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