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EBICO объединяет усилия с Kelun Group для продвижения экологичного и высококачественного развития в фармацевтической промышленности!

EBICO объединяет усилия с Kelun Group для продвижения экологичного и высококачественного развития в фармацевтической промышленности!
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In the global common fight against the Novel Corona Virus, the healthy development of pharmaceutical enterprises seems more urgent and important than ever, green is the bottom of the pharmaceutical industry's high-quality development.


Pharmaceutical industry burners


Major pharmaceutical enterprises have responded to the national call, in energy conservation and emission reduction, waste management efforts, the largest pharmaceutical factory in southwest China - Kelun Group naturally not to be left behind, together with the burner industry environmental protection leader - Italy EBICO, to jointly promote the green and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry.


Pharmaceutical industry burners


EBICO has always been committed to deliver low nitrogen and low carbon product concept and management strategy, to follow the Kelun Group green development strategy for the high quality requirements, the guaranteed recommends two 10 tons to its EC6GR, all for the new technology of low nitrogen VIC burner series products, all kinds of combination of innovative technology, to maximize the effect of environmental protection, energy saving, realized without FGR, NOx emission can also be controlled within 30mg.


This is the first time for VIC series products to appear in Sichuan Province. It is believed that EBICO products will continue to shine and continue to emit dazzling light of environmental protection.


Pharmaceutical industry burners


The project was under a tight schedule. EBICO technicians rushed to the site at 6:00 a.m. and finished the debugging work near midnight. They even gave up the chance to get together with their families during the Mid-Autumn Festival and insisted on guarding the site to ensure the safety of the equipment.


Wholehearted, conscientious for a successful ignition, stable performance and superior emission reduction capacity, the amazing effect has won the praise of users.


Pharmaceutical industry burners


EBICO will actively implement the concept of ecological development, research and develop more green and energy-saving burner solutions, to create a good atmosphere to promote the green development of the pharmaceutical industry!

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