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EBICO Joins Hands with GCL to Practice the Strategic Transformation of Green Electricity!

EBICO Joins Hands with GCL to Practice the Strategic Transformation of Green Electricity!
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As a guide to the development of the next five years, the 14th Five-Year Plan clearly points out that "accelerate the promotion of green low-carbon development", requiring the promotion of key industries and important areas of green transformation, and promote the clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy. The power industry as a key grasp of pollution remediation, environmental protection transformation of the scroll is a vast territory of the motherland to accelerate the unfolding.


Burners for the power industry


In order to relieve the power shortage in Nanjing Jiangning District, the thermal power plant project of Nanjing GCL Gas Turbine Cogeneration Co., Ltd. was established. The project is the first natural gas thermal power plant in Jiangning District, with a total installed capacity of 360MW. After completion, it can supply 2 billion KWH of power and 2.4 million tons of heat annually to Jiangning Development Zone in Nanjing, and provide clean energy for the CBD area of Nanjing South Railway Station and zijin Jiangning, Zijin Jishan and other communities with cold, heat and electricity combined power supply.


Burners for the power industry


In view of the good market feedback of EBICO in the field of environmental protection transformation, it is finally determined that EBICO will provide thermal equipment supply service for the thermal power plant project. After many field visits and simulation calculations, the EBICO technical team chose the EC16GR (VF) low nitrogen burner. This series burner is suitable for natural gas as fuel, comprehensive use of multi-channel splitting layer, center separation, vector supermixing and other environmental protection technology, to achieve nitrogen oxide emissions less than 30mg, smoke and carbon oxides close to zero emissions of environmental protection effect!


Burners for the power industry


GCL group focuses on the form of clean energy and focuses on green, low-carbon and zero-carbon innovative development. For decades, GCL and EBICO have been advancing side by side in the journey of green development. In Hunan smart energy market, The EC8GR low nitrogen burner stands out in the competition, with the use of the "intelligent cloud" remote monitoring system, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of thermoelectric equipment from the source. After debugging, the equipment stably produces 260℃ high temperature steam, which fully meets the use demand of GCL group.


Burners for the power industry


EBICO follows the pace of the national power system reform and combines the development trend of energy internet to drive the extension of power business to the service side, helping the traditional traditional power generation group to transform into a green energy service provider.

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