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EBICO Polishes the Bottom of Green and Sustainable Agriculture!

EBICO Polishes the Bottom of Green and Sustainable Agriculture!
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To develop green agriculture, we should accelerate the change of agricultural development mode, that is, we should change from the way of mainly relying on resources and consumption to the green and efficient way, enhance the momentum of sustainable development of agriculture, and come out of an agricultural modernization road with high output efficiency, product safety, resource saving and environment friendly.


Entering a new era, the public has new demands for a better life, and the development of green agriculture has become the consensus of the whole society. So has EBICO's partner, Zhanjiang Bohai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, which is firmly implementing the agricultural development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing.


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Zhanjiang Bohai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Bohai Industry Co., Ltd. and is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization with grain and oil processing and fiber manufacturing, ranking 430th in China's top 500 enterprises and 202nd in China's top 500 manufacturing industries.


To achieve sustainable and healthy development of agriculture, EBICO further implement the new strategy, new ideas, new ideas to the green development as the guidance, for the bohai sea in zhanjiang agricultural development co., LTD. Of the steam boiler burner equipped with EC14GR low nitrogen, EC series low nitrogen burner is designed for boiler and heat conduction oil furnace developed electronic proportional control low nitrogen burner, clean environmental protection, intelligent and efficient.


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Zhanjiang is located in the coastal area, the weather is hot and the air is humid, resulting in high temperature and humidity, which is a great test for the equipment's ability to resist high temperature and salt spray corrosion, and the outstanding quality of the EBICO burner has perfectly withstood the test.


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Under the scorching summer heat, the sun was blazing, but the staff of EBICO went to the site without any fear of the scorching sun, still insisted on their work and escorted the successful completion of the project with their sweat. In return, the project progressed steadily and the ignition was successfully commissioned at once!


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We protect the green mountains and water with innovative technology and meet various needs with outstanding quality. We insist on the priority of agricultural ecology and green development, and EBICO has been taking action!

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