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EBICO Promotes the Vigorous Development of Green and New Energy Industry!

EBICO Promotes the Vigorous Development of Green and New Energy Industry!
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Driven by the two wheels of national policy support and market demand, electric vehicles have become a hot industry, and the demand for power batteries has increased, and with the promotion of the national carbon-neutral strategy of Carbon Dafeng, the representative product of the new energy industry - non-polluting lithium-ion batteries usher in a major development opportunity, with strong market demand growth, rapid development and The prospect is broad.


As we all know, the use and disposal of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries in secondary batteries may cause greater pollution to the environment, while lithium-ion batteries are the ideal new generation of green energy, with the advantages of high energy, long cycle life and no pollution than traditional batteries. The country promulgated various environmental protection policies to encourage and support the development and use of clean energy, the future of the new energy industry represented by lithium-ion will be very bright.


Burners for the new energy industry


Jiangxi Zhili Technology Co., Ltd. is such a green energy enterprise. The company mainly produces and sells lithium manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials for lithium ion secondary battery. The products have high safety, high energy storage efficiency and long life, which can greatly reduce the dependence on oil and reduce environmental pollution. The products are applied to electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, startup power supply, energy storage power supply, standby power supply and other fields, and strive to explore new green circular economy growth point.


Burners for the new energy industry


Burners for the new energy industry


In order to promote the local new energy construction and the development of green environmental protection products, EBICO and Jiangxi Zhili, two outstanding environmental protection enterprises, joined hands to allocate two ES150GM low nitrogen burners for their drying equipment for the sake of blue sky and clean air, which are low carbon, low nitrogen, low oxygen, low noise, low electricity consumption, safe, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.


Burners for the new energy industry


EBICO has always felt the pulse of various industries and kept pace with the development of the times. In the face of the new industry of lithium drying, EBICO has opened up a broad market in the new industry by flexibly drawing on its past successful experience.


Burners for the new energy industry


Our personnel are dedicated to serving our customers with a heart of craftsmanship and excellence in every step of operation. With the extraordinary quality of the burners and the professional and responsible technicians, the temperature of the equipment is accurate, the data is good and the operation is stable, so that the production can be carried out normally and orderly.

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