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During the ignition, why did the boiler's boosting speed start slowly and then quickly?

During the ignition, why did the boiler's boosting speed start slowly and then quickly?
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The boiler boosting process is actually a warming process, the pressure corresponds to the saturation temperature. The saturation temperature is not directly proportional to the pressure, but with the increase of the pressure, the saturation temperature starts to increase rapidly, then becomes slower and slower. Therefore, in order to ensure that the temperature difference between the upper and lower walls of the steam drum is within the specified range, the boosting speed must be slow at the initial stage of ignition. In addition, in order to avoid the superheater burning out at the initial stage of ignition, this is also the case.

In the middle and late ignition period, the boosting speed is faster and faster, but the heating speed is basically unchanged, so the boosting speed can be accelerated, the boosting time can be shortened, and the fuel can be saved.

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