Our Team
We only provide the best for our customers.

Our Team

EBICO has a professional team, they can analyze customer requirements, and can work with customers to explore the best design and manufacturing system, can fully meet the specific requirements and expectations of users. The most important thing is to provide qualified and fast support services for customers.
Core Values
Safety, Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, Innovation
Committed to Innovation and Achievement of Social Value
Production Team
Production team optimizes and integrates the combustion technology resources of the European frontier to form a unique sophisticated strategic system of EBICO The team at the world's three major production bases continues to provide quality burners to the power, heating, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and other industries.
R & D Team
EBICO's R&D team has established a foothold in innovation for the survival of the company, and established a number of teams including safety experiments, energy-efficient R&D, environmental protection control, and smart cloud control R&D. Acquire multiple industry certificates Nearly 50 R&D engineers continue to improve the extended product chain to meet customer needs.
R & D team
Service Team
EBICO's service team follows seven quality processes and eight service standards, providing 7*24 hours of consultancy services. From receiving goods, guiding installation, debugging, assist customer maintenance, maintain and manage, implementing one-to-one project service standards, we always adhere to customer-centered, providing first-class services to customers.
Our employees are global, diversified and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and enthusiasm to fulfill the mission of EBICO and provide services to customers.
Focus on burners and equipment to lead the global thermal industry.
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