Employees are the most important asset of EBICO, and we attract the right people with a common vision and values.


EBICO encourages employees to be personalized and to treat diversity as a company's wealth. To improve employee creativity and job satisfaction, we strive to achieve a healthy balance between work and personal goals. This balance is also the foundation for our employees to achieve outstanding performance. The concept of lifelong learning and transforming perspectives is deeply rooted in our leadership culture.
Why is EBICO?
EBICO is always looking for professionals to improve its skills in technology and market.
EBICO as an employer
EBICO provides employees with an opportunity to work in a company with a clear long-term development strategy. The company has a good development prospect, and the work content is rich and colorful, and it is full of challenges. At EBICO, you will have the opportunity to be part of international business.
EBICO as an employer
EBICO as a workplace
EBICO as a workplace
EBICO is a trusted partner committed to ensuring and enhancing the well-being and satisfaction of our employees and other stakeholders. The company is committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions with the joint efforts of highly skilled, healthy and motivated employees.
EBICO Job Requirements
Do you want to work in an ever-evolving industry, working for a greener energy and a cleaner future?

Please leave your resume, we will build a talent pool and contact you when there is a suitable job opportunity. In addition, EBICO offers a wide range of employment opportunities for students in different fields.

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