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EBICO and XCMG are committed to less emmission construction of Xi 'an Highway!

EBICO and XCMG are committed to less emmission construction of Xi 'an Highway!
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Asphalt smoke is a general term for the aerosol and vapor produced by the heating and burning of asphalt or asphalt-containing substances. This substance is often mixed with a certain concentration of smoke and dust, which will cause atmospheric and environment pollution if it is discharged into the atmosphere without treatment. Moreover, asphalt smoke has a strong irritant effect, causing cancer risk to human skin and respiratory system, which is extremely harmful.


Asphalt pavement construction is one of the major sources of asphalt smoke emission. As the core component of asphalt concrete production, the ability of burner to treat asphalt has always been a key factor. Coupled with the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements in recent years, it is difficult for the production of traditional asphalt mixing buildings to meet the environmental protection standards. Therefore, it is the choice of most road projects to choose eco-friendly burners with high combustion efficiency and advanced technology.

Recently, EBICO and a long-term strategic partner, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG), which ranked third in the world's industry and 395th in the world's top 500 companies, successfully reached a cooperation with XCMG Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of XCMG. Both parties gathered in Xi 'an to provide environmental protection and thermal support for road construction in Xi 'an.


Xi 'an has a profound historical background and many famous scenic spots, and the road project has been difficult since the beginning of construction. According to the field investigation results and the needs of the city, EBICO’s professionals finally selected one EBS-GNQ series and one EC-GNQR series oil-gas dual-purpose environment-friendly burners.


EBS-GNQ series and EC-GNQR series are special high-precision burners especially designed for asphalt mixing plant launched by EBICO for the typical Chinese environment and fuel market.

EBS-GNQ series models are compact and have very low failure rate. The application of new technology can save 5%-12% of fuel, and the maximum power can be reduced by 40%. High compression resistance, stronger adaptability and easy control of flame; The fuel in the fuel space can be fully burned, and the ultra-high burnout rate reduces the asphalt smoke pollution emissions.


EC-GNQR series uses the high-tech of low-nitrogen combustion, and supplies fuel and air by stages; When burning, the coal/gas/oil combustion is effectively integrated, and the pollutant emissions are significantly reduced; After the fuel is selected, the corresponding program mode can be turned on for full-automatic intelligent operation and convers safely, low noise and low power consumption, all-round interpretation of EBICOenvironmental protection concept.


In order to further reduce the pollution, EBICO also equipped asphalt flue gas recirculation system, which will send asphalt flue gas with a certain temperature through the negative pressure recovery pipeline of the burner fan, and then spray it into the outer surface of the combustion flame for high-temperature combustion decomposition. The temperature of asphalt smoke reburning mode is higher than normal temperature, which saves fuel consumption, and improves production efficiency while meeting environmental protection requirements at the same time.


With the support of EBICO’s clean power, the asphalt heating is scientific and stable, and the produced asphalt concrete is fine and even. The road performance and serve life is guaranteed after being applied to the pavement, which will not only improve the driving experience, but also greatly reduce the production pollution, contribute to the construction of modern highway engineering, and build a bright future with our strength.

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