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EBICO Provides Solid Service for Beijing Information Science & Technology University!

EBICO Provides Solid Service for Beijing Information Science & Technology University!
Jan 14, 2022 Page Views: 7 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

As the weather gets harsher, the heating and daily water supply of major universities entered a critical phase as an important element of logistics work. As a core masterpiece, EBICO burners provided a solid service for the logistics of Beijing Information Science & Technology University.


Beijing Winter Heating


With the continuous development of society and the university, teachers and students have higher and higher requirements for the comfort of study, office, research and residence. The quality of heating and the level of service directly affect the teaching and research work of teachers and students.


Beijing Winter Heating


Universities are different from other industries, and their unique industry properties dictate that the choice of burner needs to have the following characteristics.



The school is crowded, safety issues are of paramount importance.



Thousands of people wash, heating, catering issues require continuous and stable heat supply.



Students need a quiet and peaceful external environment to study and rest.


The above factors are the core requirements for the selection of burners in this industry, which are perfectly matched with the safe, stable, low-noise and environmentally friendly features of the EBICO burners, and the excellent product quality has won the university's approval.


Beijing Winter Heating


This time it was for the new campus of Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Changping Campus, to provide water and heating services. After a rigorous pre-test, the technical team of EBICO configured four ES1000GE low nitrogen burners for the university.


Beijing Winter Heating


This series of burners adopts adjustable flame double control, heat-resistant combustion front-end, ultra-fine diversion technology, forming a double-core safety control; ultra-fine air distribution/gas distribution, vacuum internal mixing/super-mixing and other multiple patented technologies, making NOX lower than the EBICO and American Class 3 standards; wide frequency control technology, reducing noise by about 30%.


Beijing Winter Heating


In order to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the school's teaching, research and students' lives, the EBICO site staff worked diligently and meticulously to compare the data and to ensure the burner's stable, efficient and safe operation at all times.


Beijing Winter Heating


At present, the NOx emissions of the burner are successfully controlled below 25mg, creating a blue sky for the school teachers and students.


Beijing Winter Heating


In the era of "coal to gas" and "oil to gas", the burners used in universities are being updated. EBICO will give full play to its innovative research and development capabilities to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, and will do its best for the Chinese education industry!

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