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EBICO Promotes the Low-carbon Cycle Development of New Hope Group

EBICO Promotes the Low-carbon Cycle Development of New Hope Group
Oct 29, 2021 Page Views: 6 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

Under the international trend of green development, the traditional industry is undergoing a transformation and upgrading of the "big reshuffle", vigorously develop green chemical industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional chemical industry just in time.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Under the background of carbon neutrality, there are various traditional chemical leading enterprises cutting into the track of green transformation, and in the optimization and upgrading, they have come out of a high quality development path of turning new advantages and reshaping new dynamic energy.


Our commitment to driving industrial change in various industries and our strong technological innovation and environmental protection capabilities have led many advanced chemical companies to reach out to EBICO.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Huarong Chemical Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise dedicated to the green recycling and comprehensive utilization of high-quality potassium hydroxide, which belongs to the chemical sector of New Hope Group. Adhering to the purpose of "improving the environment and protecting health", Huarong Chemical decided to transform some old equipment with low nitrogen environmental protection transformation, and selected EBICO brand after careful selection.


In order to achieve the goal of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, Huarong Chemical has been actively introducing advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, and has cooperated with many thermal equipment companies, and this time, after choosing EBICO's combustion equipment, both the emission effect and combustion effect have been improved.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Based on the communication and actual measurement, EBICO's technical team chose EP6GE type environmental burner and used clean natural gas as fuel, which greatly reduced the waste emission and realized the reuse and resourcefulness of waste, reduced the cost and consumption, and greatly improved the production efficiency.


Burners for petrochemical industry


In order to meet the specific needs of this project, the technical staff of EBICO made technical modifications and set up combustion equipment that can accommodate both cold and hot air, and successfully controlled the pollutant emission to 30mg (cold air) and 50mg (hot air), reflecting EBICO's professionalism and craftsmanship.


The project site is located in the humid climate of Chengdu, and it was rainy during the commissioning period, which was a challenge for both the equipment and the commissioning staff, but with the excellent quality and service spirit of EBICO, the project was successfully ignited in one go, and the commissioning is now in normal operation.


Burners for petrochemical industry


We will continue to increase our innovation and upgrading efforts, insist on focusing on promoting green and low-carbon cycle development, and help various industries to accelerate their transformation and optimization race.

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