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How to judge whether the aerodynamic field in the furnace is good or bad?

How to judge whether the aerodynamic field in the furnace is good or bad?
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The reliability and economy of pulverized coal furnace operation depend to a great extent on burner performance and aerodynamic conditions in the furnace. Good furnace aerodynamic conditions are mainly manifested in the following three aspects.


(1) There is enough hot flue gas from the combustion center to flow back to the root of the primary air-powder mixture jet, so that the fuel can be quickly heated and ignited after being injected into the furnace, and a stable ignition front can be maintained.


(2) The distribution of fuel and air is appropriate. After the fuel catches fire, it can get sufficient air supply and achieve uniform diffusion and mixing, so as to facilitate rapid combustion.


(3) There should be good flame fullness in the furnace, and a combustion center with moderate area should be formed. This requires that the airflow in the furnace should not be skewed, and the furnace wall should not be washed, so as to avoid stagnation zone and useless vortex zone. Each burner jet should not have violent interference and collision.

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