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The working principle of gas hot air furnace

The working principle of gas hot air furnace
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Hot air furnace as thermal power machinery, in many industries has become the electric heat source and the traditional steam power heat source of the replacement products, mainly because only the use of hot air as a medium and carrier to more greatly improve the thermal utilization rate and thermal work effect.


 The fuel of the hot air furnace is burned through the hot air furnace burner to produce high temperature gas, and the heat of the high temperature gas is transferred to the heated air with the help of the hot air furnace with enhanced heat exchange measures, and the temperature of the high temperature gas is lowered to below 250 degrees by the induced draft fan after the heat is dissipated. The air to be heated is sent into the hot air furnace through the optional blower, and the temperature rises to the rated value after heat absorption and is sent out from the hot air outlet. When the hot air temperature reaches the rated upper limit temperature, the burner will automatically stop burning or automatically turn to small flame burning; when the hot air temperature decreases to the rated lower limit temperature, the burner will re-ignite and run or turn to large flame burning, and the speed of temperature rise can be adjusted into the air valve to realize.


1.Direct type high purification gas hot air furnace


That is, the fuel is burned directly, after high purification treatment to form hot air, through direct contact with materials for heating, drying or baking. The fuel consumption of this method is about half less than steam type or other indirect heating methods, so the direct high purification hot air can be used completely without affecting the quality of the product. The fuel is a gaseous fuel such as gasoline, natural gas, or liquid gasoline.


The high temperature combustion gas produced by the combustion reaction is further contacted with the outside air, mixed to a certain temperature and then directly into the drying room or drying room, contacting, heating and evaporating with the dried material, so as to get the dried product.


2.Indirect gas hot air furnace


It is mainly applied to dry materials that are not contaminated or heat-sensitive materials with low temperature. Such as: milk powder, pharmaceutical, synthetic resin, fine chemicals, etc. The heating device is steam, heat-conducting oil, flue gas, etc. as the carrier, with a variety of forms of heat exchangers to heat the air.


The most fundamental problem of the indirect hot air furnace is the heat exchange problem. A large heat exchange area and high heat exchange rate can save the energy of the hot air furnace and extend the service life of the furnace and heat exchanger. On the contrary, the size of the heat exchange area can also be identified from the flue gas temperature, the lower the flue gas temperature, the higher the heat exchange rate and the larger the heat exchange area.


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