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EBICO Customized Non-standard Ultra-low Nitrogen Combustion Equipment for Wanhua Chemical Exclusively!

EBICO Customized Non-standard Ultra-low Nitrogen Combustion Equipment for Wanhua Chemical Exclusively!
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Nowadays, People's Daily life is inseparable from a chemical product called MDI. In addition to clothes, shoes and hats, all kinds of home appliances, and even mobile phone cases, smart phones and watches, as well as braces, masks and protective clothing, MDI can be found.




A lot of people to the MDI may don't know, this kind of chemical products is very special, very demanding of production technology, the earth only 8 companies can produce MDI, belong to the international chemical industry of monopoly, and Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd. is the only domestic MDI manufacturing enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, is the world's largest producer of MDI.




Wanhua Chemical adheres to green technology, develops low-carbon economy, insists on using new technology and equipment to reduce resources and energy consumption, and actively contacts and cooperates with the leading environmental protection enterprises.




As early as 2020, EBICO provided 4 EC series ultra-low nitrogen burners for the highly anticipated Wanhua Chemical one million ton ethylene project, which is the core project of Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park Phase II and the first one million ton ethylene project in Shandong Province, with a total investment of 16.8 billion yuan. It is an important link in the integrated layout of Wanhua polyurethane industrial chain.




The quality and service of EBICO demonstrated in the project are deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the continuous accumulation of reputation and trust has created a more long-term and close cooperation between EBICO and Wanhua.


Recently, EBICO and Wanhua reached another cooperation to provide low nitrogen burner services for Wanhua Chemical (Sichuan) Co., LTD.




After concrete analysis of the specific requirements of the users, the professional team chose four EC16GR low nitrogen burner, and exclusive design of non-standard customized equipment, arrangement of exhaust gas and two kinds of gas mixture combustion, reasonable recycling waste heat energy, improve the efficiency of energy saving at the same time, achieve the purpose of protecting the ecological environment, the pollutant emission control within 30 mg.


As a result, the high-quality development green ecological sample created by EBICO once again won a great victory. Over the years, EBICO has insisted on using science and technology to empower environmental protection, actively responded to the national carbon emission reduction strategy, set up cooperation with leading enterprises in various industries in low carbon and low nitrogen projects, promote the implementation of carbon neutrality action plan, and contribute to China's environmental governance.




In the future, EBICO will continue to innovate in the field of environmental protection, vigorously develop green and low-carbon combustion products, further promote the transformation of clean production, and help achieve the national carbon neutrality target as scheduled!

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