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EBICO Undertook Huaneng Group Boiler System General Contract Project!

EBICO Undertook Huaneng Group Boiler System General Contract Project!
May 23, 2022 Page Views: 7 Author: EBICO Burner Font Size: S M L

While focusing on the main business of burner, EBICO has been seeking the transformation from high-speed development to high-quality development, led by innovation, relying on its own talent and technology advantages, from "single burner supplier" to "system engineering general contractor" to accelerate the layout of depth and promote the continuous expansion of the whole industry chain.


Nantong Huatong Hotel is a subsidiary of China Huaneng Group co., LTD., which is an important state-owned backbone enterprise approved by The State Council. It has strict requirements on quality, technology and reputation when choosing partners for general contracting projects.


Due to the old equipment, the original boiler was dismantled and scrapped. The general contracting project of Nantong Huatong Hotel requires the installation of two new hot water boilers and the replacement of the original steam system with hot water system.


After obtaining the project information, EBICO actively tracked the project, made in-depth analysis and analysis, and made careful planning. Relying on the strong competitiveness of core equipment and strong organization and construction ability, it proposed an overall solution with high fit based on the needs of users, which was fully recognized by users.


After more than 20 days from understanding the requirements of project working conditions, communicating with the owner, consulting with the attached machine, bidding document making and so on, Finally, With excellent product technical performance introduction, reasonable price positioning, standardized bidding document presentation, after strict evaluation by the judges and the owner on the bid opening site, EBICO won the bid successfully!


This project is an EPC general contract project, that is, boilers, burners, control, installation, procurement and construction, and overall control are all in full charge of EBICO. The undertaking of this project further demonstrates the leading technical strength and overall system contracting capacity of EBICO.


In the following project execution process, EBICO controls details, strictly focuses on quality and ensures progress. By virtue of excellent professional technology and years of experience, our team has given consideration to flexibility and stability. The safe, green and lean construction in the process of project installation and construction has been widely praised.


After the transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions are less than 30 mg, gas consumption than the original steam boiler to save more than 30%, truly achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.


After several rounds of strict acceptance by the design institute and the owner, the project has finally been completed and the customer has handed in a satisfactory answer sheet. "The construction is standardized, the service is timely, the use effect is very satisfactory, EBICO is a reliable cooperative unit!" Through sincere and thoughtful service, EBICO has won high praise from users.


EBICO will continue to improve the system integration ability, strengthen the overall solution ability. Through high quality products and efficient service, EBICO further expands and consolidates its market position in thermal engineering field.

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