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EBICO boosts the green development pace of Hebei Sinochem Group

EBICO boosts the green development pace of Hebei Sinochem Group
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Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Guidance on Coordinating and Strengthening Efforts to Address Climate Change and Ecological Environmental Protection", which clearly promotes the action steps of carbon peaking in key industries such as steel, chemical, petrochemical, electric power and coal. Correspondingly, Sinopec and PetroChina led dozens of petrochemical companies to jointly sign the "Declaration of China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry on Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" to steadily achieve the goal of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" from the perspective of energy structure optimization in China.


Burners for petrochemical industry


With the rapid breakthrough of new energy technology, the traditional chemical industry, with oil and coal as its main business, will accelerate the pace of high-end, cluster and green development and move towards high-quality development. After the release of the "Ten Measures for the In-depth Implementation of Comprehensive Management of Air Pollution in Hebei Province", industrial enterprises are emphasized to reduce the emission of pollutants and force the technological transformation of enterprises. In this context, Hebei Sinochem Fuheng Co., Ltd. reached cooperation with EBICO.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Hebei Sinochem Fuheng Co., Ltd., a joint-stock enterprise with research, production and sales advantages, is controlled by Sinochem Hebei. In the production process of pesticide, medicine and other fine chemical products, it is necessary to heat and dry raw materials, which involves the adaptation of heat conduction oil burner.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Considering the 6 million calorie heat transfer oil furnace, EBICO's selection team adapted the EC5GR low NOx and low carbon burner for it. This series of burners is a hot air type burner, which is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the site equipment, with a rated power of 6800kw. The comprehensive use of vector overmixing and subsonic technology has resulted in NOx emission data lower than 30mg, and the carbon emission is much lower than the relevant emission standard in Hebei Province after the commissioning, which was heartily approved by Sinochem Group.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Burners for petrochemical industry


In 2021, China's environmental protection policy will be intensively implemented and the regulation will be more and more stringent, which will further increase the pressure of environmental protection in the chemical industry. The advantages of low nitrogen and low carbon environment protection are shown in the green transformation projects of various industries! The great strategy of carbon neutralization of Carbon Neutral, EBICO is waiting for the day, and we will do our best!

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