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Yueyang Sinopec Changling Refinery Matching EBICO Burner Technology Reform Project Successfully Commissioned!

Yueyang Sinopec Changling Refinery Matching EBICO Burner Technology Reform Project Successfully Commissioned!
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Recently the good news came from the after-sales service department: Yueyang Sinopec Changling Refinery supporting the technical transformation project of EBICO burner was successfully commissioned! China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Changling Branch (Changling Branch for short) is an important petrochemical industry base in the central and southern regions. "Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Changling Refinery has always been committed to growing into a "green, low-carbon and industry-competitive enterprise", and the pace of boiler technology renovation has been gradually accelerated.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Supporting EP5GE to promote environmental transformation

EBICO burners have always been known for their wide range of industry applicability. In the petrochemical industry, we have long-standing partners such as Sichuan CNPC, Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical, and Jiangyin Sanfangxiang, and the cooperation with Changling Refinery was a perfect match. The EP5GE low-NOx burners were finally matched for three boilers after precise calculations by the EBICO selection team. This series of burners is fueled by natural gas, and the flame shape can be fine-tuned during use, which has strongly contributed to the environmental protection transformation of Changling Refinery.


Burners for petrochemical industry


Passing on the "baton" ES800GE inherits the burden of environmental protection

With the accelerating pace of environmental protection transformation, Changling Refinery has imposed stricter restrictions on the emission of relevant pollutants. In order to achieve better environmental protection, two generations of EBICO burners passed the "baton" here: ES800GE replaced EP5GE burner and continued to shoulder the burden of guaranteeing ultra-low emissions of related heat-using equipment. After the burner was commissioned, a slight anomaly started to appear. After discovering the problem, EBICO after-sales engineers carefully checked the burner's main system and core wiring and found that the gas used was of low quality and corrosive. The after-sales engineer responded quickly by changing the valve train to a pneumatic valve train, wiring the burner on site and then testing the interlock to restore the smooth operation of the burner.


Burner environmental modification


Burner environmental modification


Burner environmental modification


Our after-sales service department has dozens of experienced after-sales commissioning engineers, who are always active in the front line of thermal engineering practice projects. As long as the customer has a need, the engineer team will arrive at the site as soon as possible after receiving the feedback, to answer the customer's questions and solve their problems! They are the banner of EBICO, physically interpreting the customer first service concept to customers!


Burner after-sales service


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