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How many types of flameout protection devices are there?

How many types of flameout protection devices are there?
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There are three types of flameout protection devices.

1、Thermal-sensitive type: also known as bimetal. The bimetallic strip is used as the sensor of the safety protection device, and the expansion and bending characteristics of the bimetallic strip under the action of temperature are utilized. The device has the advantages of simple structure, low cost. Disadvantages are difficult installation, long starting and shut down time and short service life.

2、Thermoelectric type: Thermoelectric flameout safety protection device is composed of thermocouple and solenoid valve, which uses different thermoelectric potentials generated by different alloy materials under the action of temperature. Thermoelectric safety device has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost and wide application.

3、Photoelectric type: Also known as ion induction type, this device makes use of the ionicity and unilateral conductivity of the flame during gas combustion. This kind of safety protection has developed from DC induction to AC induction.

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