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How can the retrofitted low-NOx burner be optimally adjusted?

How can the retrofitted low-NOx burner be optimally adjusted?
Jan 12, 2022 Category: Technology Category Page Views: 3 Author: EBICO Burner

1.Burner operation mode.

Low nitrogen burner transformation, the focus needs to be placed on how to enhance the rated temperature of the furnace and the stability of the pulverized coal combustion, as far as possible to avoid a sudden stoppage of the burner or a power shortage situation.


2.The boiler secondary air distribution method.

Boiler secondary air distribution method should meet certain basic needs, to ensure that the surplus air coefficient in the main combustion area is within a reasonable range; burner needs to stop, the corresponding dampers should be closed appropriately; the degree of opening and closing the dampers is determined by the corresponding flow curve to determine; boiler operation needs to ensure that the air pressure in the wind box is normal, to meet the rigid needs of the wind jet.


3.Boiler operation oxygen level.

The oxygen content of the boiler operation is controlled within a reasonable range, and the best oxygen content of the boiler combustion needs to be determined according to the test results of the actual combustion.


4.The control of the fine degree of coal powder.

If the combustion classification technology of SOFA is used, the fineness of coal powder needs to be adjusted.


burner adjustment

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