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Common flame shape classification of burners

Common flame shape classification of burners
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(1) Active flame

This kind of flame shape, length, black flame head length are more suitable for clinker calcination quality, coal combustion efficiency is the most favorable, to meet the temperature requirements of the firing zone, low heat consumption, the whole flame is lively and powerful. It is the operator's desired flame shape, but also the normal calcination production should have the flame shape.


(2) Long black flame

This flame has a long black flame head, the combustion efficiency is reduced, and the front temperature is not high. Formation factors are the following.

① poor coal quality, low heat generation, large ash, coarse coal particles, large moisture, etc..

② the burner has a fault, resulting in poor mixing effect of coal powder and wind, slow combustion speed.

③ improper use of the burner, the external wind is large, the internal wind is small, the wind-coal ratio is improper, and the air volume is insufficient.

When this kind of flame formation occurs, the cause should be analyzed and found in time, check whether the coal quality and fineness is suitable, whether the three-airway burner spiral blade is damaged, and whether the air volume is sufficient. In addition, improper operation is also easy to appear this kind of flame, for example, the grate bed speed is too fast, there is thin material caused by low secondary air temperature, the kiln mouth has coal powder circle, etc. can lead to a black flame head too long


(3) Slow type flame (long flame)

This kind of flame is not concentrated in the firing zone fire, the main reason for this is that the inner wind is too small, the rotation is not strong enough to spread; the outer wind is too large, the ability to inhibit diffusion is too strong, elongating the flame. However, when the operation encounters the front temperature is too high or the fire brick has burned flow situation, take this kind of flame can effectively relieve in time; in addition, this kind of flame form can also be used before ignition, feeding or hanging kiln skin, and then change when normal.



(4) Diffusion type flame

This flame shape is short and thick, is not normal flame shape, its formation of the following four main reasons.

① firing belt kiln skin with crust and large material ball, prompting the flame before forcing, often resulting in high front temperature, kiln muddy, uneven incoming material, host current fluctuations, the kiln tail negative pressure increases. If not dealt with in time will lead to burned kiln lining or clinker quality is not qualified, production decreases.

②Inappropriate use of multi-duct coal spray pipe, the inner wind is too large, the outer wind is too small, and the secondary wind temperature is high, resulting in high concentration of front temperature, which is easy to burn the kiln lining.

③The angle of rotating flow at the end of the inner duct is too large, the outer wind cannot be controlled, and the diffusion is serious.

④The closing flame cover of the multi-airway coal spray pipe is burnt out, causing the flame to spread.

Found this shape flame, should promptly check whether the kiln is knotted, the ratio of internal and external wind, secondary

Whether the wind temperature is too high, whether the negative pressure at the end of the kiln is too small, and whether the spiral blade tilt angle is appropriate.

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