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What is a pulverized coal burner?

What is a pulverized coal burner?
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A pulverized coal burner, as the name implies, is a device that allows pulverized coal to burn fully in a short period of time, producing a high temperature vortex. Pulverized coal describes coal with a particle size of less than 0.5 mm, and is the most commonly used additive in cast iron molding sand. Compared with traditional lump coal, pulverized coal has advantageous characteristics such as small density and large surface area, which makes pulverized coal easy to be pneumatically transported. The disadvantage is that pulverized coal is easy to form self-flow and easy to leak powder when the equipment is not tight.


Pulverized coal burner


According to the usage, the pulverized coal burner is generally divided into three categories: 1, special pulverized coal burner for rotary kiln; 2, pulverized coal burner for boiler; 3, special pulverized coal burner for asphalt mixing plant. Compared with coal burner and heavy oil burner, the advantages of pulverized coal burner are obvious in many aspects.

1.long residence time of pulverized coal in the high temperature zone of pulverized coal burner, high combustion efficiency, direct flue emission without black smoke, in the form of steam-like white smoke.

2.shortened temperature rise time when heated by the pulverized coal burner, high thermal efficiency, and low coal quality requirements, wide applicability of coal types, and high economic efficiency.

3.easy ignition of pulverized coal burner, fast temperature rise and much higher working efficiency

4.the air supply and coal input of the pulverized coal burner can be changed as required, and the furnace temperature and flame length can be adjusted in a wide range to meet the actual needs.

5.The internal temperature field of the pulverized coal burner is uniform, and the heated coverage of the heated body in the furnace chamber is large, so that the slag does not stick to the surface of the workpiece and the product quality is good.


Pulverized coal burner


This series of burners are widely adaptable and can be used with pulverized coal, natural gas, light oil and heavy oil at the same time. The combination of graded fuel combustion and graded air supply effectively reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides. For more general knowledge on maintenance of pulverized coal burner, please visit https://cn.ebico.com/products/d_5fcd9cad077caf00850bac9a.html.

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