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Heat conduction oil furnace

Heat conduction oil furnace
The heat-conduction oil furnace is a kind of equipment that uses the indirect heating of heat-transfer oil by burning the burner, forces the heat-transfer oil after the liquid-phase circulating heating through the circulation pump.
Cases of Heat conduction oil furnace
Chongqing Yihai Grain and Oil 25-ton Gas Boiler Supporting Low Nitrogen Burner Project

Yihai (Guanghan) Grain, Oil and Feed Co., Ltd.

Cases for Food Industry

Jiangsu Shengtai Chemical's 12 Million Kcal Thermal Oil Furnace Supporting Low Nitrogen Burner Project

Jiangsu Shengtai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Cases for Petrochemical Industry

News of Heat conduction oil furnace
Dec 17, 2021

Due to the cold wave, this year's temperature is lower than normal. To ensure the people in Tianjin stay warm through the winter, Tianjin officially started the heating work from 00:00 on November 1. As in previous years, our engineers were stationed at the front line, visiting all the heating manufacturers in Tianjin to ensure the normal operation of heating....

Aug 03, 2021

During the decades of cooperation, nearly 100 burners of various types have been installed in the production bases of Yihai Kerry to ensure the processing of grain, oil and foodstuffs. Ltd. and Feng Yi Biotechnology (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. have successfully achieved the ignition and commissioning of the low nitrogen burners. ...

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